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The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here! How To Please Pup Parents With A Clubhouse Design Firm

Pup parents know the sight — the adorable image of your furry friend relaxing in the sunshine and indulging in one of life’s simplest pleasures. They might want a water break, or simply the chance to recharge before embarking upon their next zoomie run. Either way, it’s safe to say that dogs love the sunshine — and their parents love sharing it with them!

Fido may be on your mind more than usual now that we’re approaching the “dog days of summer” — the final, lingering stretch of warm weather before fall arrives. And if you’re opening or renovating a multifamily community or off-campus student housing, it’s important to understand today’s young pet parents — because there’s a lot of them. According to a 2016 Mintel survey featured in The Washington Post, 71% of men aged 18-34 had dogs, and 62% of women in the same age group did, too. 75% of respondents also said they were likely to “splurge” on their pets’ needs — and surely that applies to housing, right?

While simple grassy spaces and bare-bones dog parks might have sufficed for past generations of pooches, many of today’s dogs (or, rather, their owners) crave something a little more elaborate. Just like parents have always wanted playgrounds for their kids, pet parents want just as much enrichment for their four-legged little ones! Fortunately, an experienced clubhouse design firm can help make your multifamily or student community even more attractive to prospective residents. Just read on to see a few fun features worth considering.

Agility Equipment
Proud pet parents love to watch their dog climb, run, jump, and scoot their way through a complicated agility course — especially if it’s right in their backyard! Obstacle course features help keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated. A clever, function-minded use of space gives pet parents plenty of room to work out with their dog, even if you don’t have an enormous field to work with.

Hydration & Waste Stations
Other functional features — like a hydration station for H2O, or a handy pet waste receptacle — make your space even more accommodating to pooches and their parents.

Varied Landscapes
A variety of landscapes — from a gentle slope or tunnel, to a flat, grassy relaxation zone — can help you make even more out of your community’s outdoor space. It also adds visual interest! Pet parents and non-pet parents alike can appreciate the focal point of a lively, verdant gathering spot.

Historically, pets and multifamily communities haven’t always seemed like the best bedfellows — and, true, dogs aren’t necessarily the cleanest members of the household. But with these features, you won’t just be attracting happy pet parents — you’ll be giving their four-legged friends room to roam and play somewhere other than their apartment! Talk about a win-win situation.

These ideas are fun to execute, especially if you’re a pet lover yourself — but don’t feel the need to do it alone! In fact, Mood Interior Designs can help you plan a pet-friendly outdoor space at every step of the way: from research to determine the best additions for your area, to designing and installing your pet wonderland! Just contact us today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you.