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As an entrepreneur, my response was to accept the challenge baked into the question and then – build a multimillion-dollar business. Entrepreneurs are funny like that; we see opportunity in places that others walk by without noticing they are in the presence of significant change. We hear doubt as a gentle nudge to explore. So, thank you for those who have suggested I stay small; when the gauntlet of doubt is thrown down at my feet, I am strangely motivated to take a giant step forward. No need to step aside, I’ll find an alternate path to where I am called to go. Mood Interior Designs was born in this way – a mocktail of a good idea, decades of experience, an abundance of faith, and a splash of oh yeah?

As a black woman with no outside funding in the middle of a global pandemic, I identified an underserved market in the commercial housing industry and surrounded myself with hardworking professionals who are eager to jump off the cliff of opportunity with me every day. Mood is comprised of six full time employees spread out around the US and Philippines that put forward a commercial design firm rooted in service.

Mood clients applaud our flexibility and willingness to lead them through the design process with clarity and transparency. Our designs are almost award winning; we’ll have to wait for the judges to vote in 2022.

In a Giving Mood
Together we have exceeded all of our business and financial goals for 2021 while giving 1% of all revenue to our charity partner DonorsChoose.