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A Modern Mood


I am experiencing fatigue – which is just down the street from exhaustion, around the corner from boredom, and the next town over from WTF. ​

Mood design leadership is about taking a tired concept, modernizing it, and making it more approachable and personal. Yeah, yeah – what does that have to do with the commercial housing industry? With the state of the world – labor shortages, global supply chain disruptions, lions and tigers and the threat of a bear market, the housing industry is calling audibles which is a terrific opportunity for Mood to step in with a creative solution for the win. Focus, discipline, accountability, consistency – naps, prayer, chocolate.

I spoke with a client the other day who agreed that the pace at which our industry is operating is absolutely next level. We have passed the safety ropes in the pool and are conducting business in the deep end of the ocean.

I’m not sure about your company, but Mood is made up of humans who have a collective desire to win – the project, the award, the attention of a soon-to-be client.

When fatigue sets in – we laugh together, take a long lunch, put The Office on in the background, turn our video off during Zoom calls, send emoji messages in Slack and eventually find ourselves doing what the GOATS do – go get another championship ring. Or in our case, leverage design to help our clients close a deal, a house, or an apartment. Way less sexy, but it’s what we do best.

With gratitude,
Lori Ann Dinkins, President