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Gen Z comprises an entire generation that seems to be uncomfortable – not knowing. It intrigues me how urgent their need to know can be, especially coming from a generation that collectively rolled our eyes when adults refused to give us the answer to a very simple question and responded with look it up! Unapologetically, Gen Z wants to know the who, the what, the why and the how does that work anyway?

I’m ok with not knowing. Not because I lack curiosity but because I grew up with the answer seeming far away – like in a book on a shelf in a building down the street. I’m practiced at not knowing. And quite honestly, knowing didn’t seem worth the walk to the library.

Turns out, I was wrong. Having raised two Gen Z boys – and employ a few Gen Z designers,
have a brand new respect for the art of knowing. I barely wonder out loud before a solution is presented to me. Gen Z with a mix of Millennial and Gen X makes Mood a know-it-all design firm that serves our clients with a confidence only found in a multi-generational organization.

Picture above: Mood’s recent clubhouse refresh at Evolve Tuscaloosa brings me such joy!

MOOD: Future of Design Budgets
​Mood designs community spaces that cater to Gen X, Y, Z – even Alpha and Boomers. Once reserved largely for big budgets, interior design services are gradually becoming available to almost everyone, thanks to the accessibility and flexibility of design firms like Mood – a trend that will strengthen in the years ahead. There is a solution for every property, at every budget category.

With gratitude,
Lori Ann Dinkins, President