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Happy New Year

I saw a hawk today. Not a big deal if I was taking a hike in the woods, but I was at a stoplight with a car full of Target loot, at a very busy intersection. I didn’t just see the hawk flying around – she landed in a grassy area right next to my idling car and looked at up me like we were waiting for the green light together. I instinctively reached for my phone to take a picture of the hawk – but I somehow knew she would fly away if I did. So I didn’t. And she stayed.

Of course the moment I parked the car in my driveway, I googled what hawks represent – because it’s New Years Day and everything is poised for deeper meaning. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot with my hawk sighting. Hawks are said to represent determination, focus, clarity, and power. Some say that if a hawk crosses my path, it represents bringing balance to my life. That I am being asked to slow down and allow the flow of life to catch up with where I’m heading. I was just heading home – but in a broader sense, that’s a perfect January message for me to contemplate.

As a business owner, I am determined to build a company that lives up to my values and doesn’t compromise them. As a leader, I am focused on creating a working environment that allows my team to thrive professionally, financially, as well as personally (the order of importance is up to them). As a fellow-traveler, I strive for clarity in all my relationships. As the President of Mood Interior Designs, I humbly embrace the power we hold (budgets, timelines, tour paths) when designing for our clients.

The symbolism of the hawk landing at a busy intersection with my car full of stuff is absolutely perfect. She gifted me pause. She carved out space in my busyness to wonder and be curious, to experience a connection with nature when I was surrounded by anything but.

I hope an unexpected something visits you the next time you are busy hurrying for no particular reason. And I hope you google its meaning, even if you don’t believe in such things.