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Abundance Mindset

I had a moment with my teammate last week because a project came in that was so thrilling – we stared at each other via Zoom and giggled. She was my first hire when I started Mood – and a few years later, we still get ridiculously excited about the work we do.

I’m a business woman who believes in and subscribes to the ideology of abundance. Not the more mac-n-cheese and biscuits kind of abundance – although, yes please. I mean, as a leader with an abundance mindset I know, believe, and trust that there are enough new design projects, and new client opportunities to go around for everyone. Cue the eye-roll. I know. Scarcity is a much more familiar mindset to buy into because lack of resources, lack of time and money dominate our feeds, stirring up false evidence that appears real (FEAR). Interestingly enough abundance and scarcity have nothing to do with circumstances, each is an attitude that can be adopted.

On purpose, Mood has Gratitude Monday where each team member is given the opportunity to share what they are grateful for that day. On purpose, Mood gives 1% of gross revenue (not gross profit!) to charity. On purpose, Mood says yes to projects that may not always be profitable, but sometimes we value our client relationships more than the bottom line. As the President of Mood, I make a conscious decision to choose an attitude of abundance. So when more business, projects, and opportunities come our way – I am truly delighted to jump into a new conversation with both feet.

On this Gratitude Monday, I am grateful for the Mood family – our wickedly talented team and our fabulous clients!