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How to Create Spaces That Make Students *Want* To Go Back To School? The Commercial Interior Design Pros At Mood Have Some Ideas

Back-to-school season is my absolute favorite time of year! The hope of new is in the air – and I am a sucker for hope. My kids are far from Elmer’s Glue age but every year, I find myself buying new bottles of glue, along with markers and pencil erasers and colorful pocket folders! I just love a full backpack full of spiral notebooks, even in this age of technology. I end up donating most of what I buy but the spirit of new school supplies is just as exciting as waking up on Christmas morning – wondering what is inside those beautifully wrapped packages.

In cities across the county, student housing properties spent most of the summer preparing for their version of back-to-school season – the return of college students. They made spaces safe, clean, and equipped for all their studying needs. Property teams make spaces fun and community driven which gives students their best shot at the quintessential “college experience.”

If you’re in charge of updating or leasing up an on- or off-campus student housing facility, you know that you’re tasked with winning over prospective residents (and their parents, too!). A tall order but a fun one, too. Here are a few ideas inspired by student living spaces across the country!

Fun & Fitness

What matters most to students can vary greatly from area to area — therefore you may want to take advantage of custom-crafted Mood surveys, that can gauge interest for specific amenities in your unique location! However, there are some kinds of amenities that will tend to remain popular for students across the country — and fitness is one of them.
Alone, But Together
Student life is all about flexibility — and there’s a great way to achieve this in the seating options you choose for your on- or off-campus housing facility. Modular work or study pods give students a chance to focus when it’s time to focus but can just as easily be arranged in an open setup for when it’s time to relax or catch up with friends.
Don’t Forget the Practical Stuff, Too
By the time midterms roll around, many students start to get more closely acquainted with their study spaces. But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean pulling all-nighters in the library. Here are a few features that you can build into your student housing space to ensure they can easily hit the books without even leaving the property:
– Ample lighting and outlets! When laptops are involved, you can never have enough
– Modular seating options in community spaces
– White boards for working out tough problems (or doodles)

At Mood Interior Designs, we can’t wait to help you transform your student housing property — turning it into a place students love to return to, and parents can feel good about! This is a unique time in a person’s life — in the spirit of a hopeful new beginning, let’s make it special, starting from the place they call home.