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More Than a Splash: What Features Do Renters Want In An Outdoor Poolscape? A Clubhouse Design Member Answers

There’s nothing more relaxing than a lazy day at the pool — floating on the surface and enjoying the sunshine or curled up under an umbrella with a stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Maybe add some barbecue or fruity, sparkling water — whatever suits your fancy!

If this sounds like your summer reality, you’re not alone. But for developers and investors of multifamily communities, that perfect pool day doesn’t happen by chance — in fact, planning for it can start when most people are stashing away their swimsuits and pool towels for the fall.

Here at Mood, our clubhouse design team knows that your community pool needs more than, well, a pool — it needs a place to gather. To unwind. Maybe to cook or dine with friends, too! Here’s a look at a few features renters love in their multifamily pool facilities, and how to make your community even more attractive.

Secure Amenities

Interestingly, one of the most popular features reported in an survey wasn’t actually an amenity, but a sort of safeguard. According to the site, “controlled amenity access” — think key card-enabled doors, or pools with gates — was desired by 85% of respondents. And it makes sense! Your outdoor living space should feel like an extension of your home, not something separate. Adding a level of security helps establish the space as not only safe but also a bit special.

Fitness Access

A fitness room or gym in your clubhouse is a natural neighbor to your multifamily pool — but it’s not the only way to embrace an active lifestyle in your community! According to the 2021 Multifamily Amenities Survey, nearly 50% of respondents were interested in walking paths as an outdoor amenity. Sidewalks alone may do the job just fine — but tree-lined paths with several points of interest (like a community garden or art installation) can make your community feel like an immersive, resort-style experience.

Foodie Fun

The popularity of a communal outdoor kitchen jumped up nearly 10 percent between 2020 and 2021, according to the same survey. When delicious smells waft from your pool deck to the rest of the property, that can serve as a sort of invitation to the community to come outside and join in the outdoor fun!

Cozy Up

Grills and fire pits remain one of the top amenities according to the survey, and it’s easy to see why! Even during the peak of summer, a toasty fire can provide much-needed comfort after a day in the water — plus, these installations are built to be gathered around, fostering community with ease.

Stylish Seating (& Lounging) Options

You know you need places for your residents to kick back and relax — but don’t feel the need to cover your entire poolscape in rows and rows of basic pool loungers. Comfy sofas with modular ottomans, hammocks, and cabanas are just a few fun ways to mix up your poolscape seating options.

Of course, national surveys can be super helpful when it comes to understanding trends in poolscape and clubhouse design — but when you want a closer look at your unique area’s preferences, Mood can help! Our team regularly conducts local research to gauge the most attractive amenities in your slice of the country — so you can trust that whatever we help you install (whether it’s a stylish new firepit or overhauled outdoor courtyard), it’s something that will serve you and your residents’ interests.