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Wondering Where To Find Inspiration For Commercial Clubhouse Design?

Raise your hand if you work where you live — or is it live where you work? We get confused sometimes, too! With the advent of the remote (or hybrid) workspace over the last two years, that line has been blurrier than ever. That isn’t to say working from the comfort of home is a bad thing, of course — for families, young professionals, and many more groups, a flexible workspace is more productive and conducive to a well-rounded lifestyle.
If you develop multifamily or student housing communities, the work-from-home (lovingly referred to as WFH) crowd is one you’ll want to keep in mind as you design your commercial clubhouse — because they’re on the move! According to a 2022 FlexJobs survey, nearly 65% of respondents cited the ability to work remotely as a factor that would make them consider moving. That makes sense — if you don’t need to live near a busy city center, you have some more options!
And of course, even those who do go to the office will likely still WFH from time to time — so it’s safe to assume that your clubhouse should have some kind of remote office setup. What does that look like, though? Here are a few places we love to look for inspiration.
Celebrity Offices
Yes, really! Let’s take it back: two years ago, the celebrity interview changed forever. As opposed to only appearing in person on late-night or daytime talk shows, actors and musicians could suddenly video chat to the studio from their homes — their very beautifully designed homes, that is. Carefully crafted studies and workspaces that were previously relegated to the fodder of home design magazines, could now be witnessed by the world — and we took notes!
Of course, celebrity bookshelves and office backdrops aren’t the be-all, end-all of workspace inspo. Some of the furniture and accents they have may be too abstract (or downright expensive) to implement in a communal space. However, when you’re feeling uninspired by the countless clubhouse design ideas online, they can come in handy as a fun creative icebreaker.
Luxury Resorts
Another great place to seek out inspiration? Your favorite hotel or luxury resort! Again, the idea isn’t to recreate what you see piece for piece — rather, it’s to get a sense of what “wows” corporate travelers, and imagine ways to recontextualize that feeling on a more practical scale. Gone are the days of the bare-bones business center with just a printer and a few functioning computers. Decorate! Make a splash — and a statement! (Or better yet, let a professional, passionate team like Mood do it for you.)
University Libraries
Modern workspaces and commercial clubhouses need to accommodate WFH employees on different schedules, with varying needs — some will need computers, others a spacious seating area to kick back and toss some ideas around. What else does that sound like to you?
If you said a university library, well — ding ding ding! We’re on the same page. Modern collegiate libraries and media centers do a great job of serving students of all different academic backgrounds, and the well-appointed WFH space should do the same for employees and self-employed remote workers.
Studies show that exposure to natural green and blue views (i.e., trees, grass, and water features) can help people feel calm, refreshed, and productive — all good traits for a thriving WFH space! Take a walk through a local park or visit an outdoor landmark to see what draws people to your unique environment — then, seek out ways to infuse your commercial clubhouse with that feeling (think gorgeous picture windows, plant life, or even seating options arranged in a natural, garden-inspired formation).
Ready to craft a commercial, WFH-friendly clubhouse design you and your residents can feel good about? Mood has you covered with everything from design, to local research, to FF&E procurement. Contact us today to get started!