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The Foodie Generation Isn’t Slowing Down! Your Commercial Clubhouse Design Team Can Help You Meet Their Needs

From cronuts to avocado toast, it seems like there’s a new culinary trend every year — and with the advent of social media, it’s easier than ever to witness the rise and fall of a food fad. But while the actual dishes may wane over the years, the phenomenon that’s known as being a foodie isn’t going anywhere. In fact, according to Google Trends, the term “foodie” — a handy self-descriptor for people whose hobby is cooking, dining, and discovering delicious new ingredients — hit an all-time high earlier this year.
Let’s face it: we’re hungry! Not just for straight-up sustenance, but for the layered experience that a delicious meal (or the making of) can bring to us and our loved ones. If you’re a multifamily or student housing developer, it’s important to recognize that your commercial clubhouse design shouldn’t just look beautiful — it should also provide a welcoming place for communities to gather and share in the foodie fun. Wondering how to do that? Mood Interior Designs has a few fun ideas to keep in mind. Just read on and dig in!

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen and/or bar area is a natural pick for attracting the foodie crowd! Having access to a gorgeous, communal cooking space helps potential residents envision themselves truly living in your community — not just as renters of a single apartment unit. Even if your outdoor kitchen isn’t a full-service, gourmet space, you can still accommodate food prep and serving with features like a sink, countertops, or grill area.

Dining Room With A View

Pools, walking paths, and other outdoor features help residents enjoy nature from the comfort of home. Why not take things a step further by fashioning an outdoor dining room that invites them to kick back and soak in the view? Dining tables with various comfy seating options make your multifamily community feel even more livable — like an extension of your residents’ homes that they feel free to make their own!

Don’t Forget The Practical Touches!

Even the most beautiful outdoor dining space can be thwarted by what’s missing — poor lighting, insufficient seating, or even inadequate waste disposal options. These practical finishing touches seem small, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to achieve a fun and functional outdoor foodie haven.

On-Site Snack, Dining, & Coffee Options

If you really want to take things to the next level, consider providing on-site snack, dining, and/or coffee options for your residents! This may be especially wise for student housing communities — after all, parents like to know that their adult children have access to nutritious meals without venturing away from home. However, research suggests that it makes just as much for general multifamily communities, too! According to a 2021 report from Multi-Housing News, the pandemic seems to have “quickened” the trend of on-site food amenities. And it makes sense — when people started leaving their homes less, they sought out ways to enjoy being at home more! And the idea of dining out without really, well, dining out may be one trend that’s here to stay.

Local Culture

Mood proudly operates in a variety of foodie communities known for their delicious cultural scene, and we know that food is as much as an artistic consideration as a practical one. That is, you can entice residents by incorporating local foodie culture into your community’s design — think, beautiful clubhouse artwork that references local cuisine!
You can also instill a lively sense of culture in your multifamily community by hosting regular events like food truck visits — giving your residents more to savor from the comfort of home.
From initial design to FF&E procurement, our team is ready to help make your new property a foodie paradise when it comes time for lease-up! Plus, we can help conduct custom local research to determine the features your potential residents crave most in a community clubhouse environment. Get in touch today to learn more — we can’t wait to work with you.